opioids + alcohol = a dangerous mix

SafeRx Pharmaceuticals is a development-stage drug company pursuing FDA approval of our new proprietary ARO Platform, designed to solve a critical but previously unaddressed dimension of the U.S. opioid crisis- the combination of opioids with alcohol.

When alcohol and opioids are consumed together, they interact in a dangerous way that can severely impair the body’s ability to breathe, and according to the CDC nearly one in every four prescription opioid overdoses is related to alcohol consumption.

Yet prescribing physicians currently have no effective means of preventing their patients from making this all-too-commonly fatal mistake. We believe our Alcohol-Resistant Opioid (ARO) technology has the potential to save tens of thousands of lives and to become a new standard of care for at-risk patients.


“An abuse deterrent opioid formulation that would prevent concomitant alcohol use would save lives.”

Lynn Webster, M.D.

President, American Academy of Pain Medicine

“Alcohol-resistant opioids protect both patient and prescriber; they will be enthusiastically adopted.”


Clinical Associate Professor, Stanford Anesthesiology, Perioperative, and Pain Medicine

“Deaths due to opioids have surpassed 100,000 per year. Many of these deaths involve alcohol and/or benzodiazepines.”

Mark S Gold, M.D.

Professor and World-Renowned Addiction Medicine Expert

“Mixing opioids with alcohol is extremely hazardous. Physicians need effective options for preventing patients from making this all-too-often deadly mistake.”

Jessica Hulsey Nickel

Founder and CEO, Addiction Policy Forum


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