Our Mission

Reducing prescription drug overdoses

To develop novel abuse-deterrent technologies designed to reduce the number of human lives lost to prescription medication overdose.

Tragic stories of substance abuse-related death and human suffering have become part of our daily news, but despite the enhanced media and political attention this crisis has received, the death toll continues to climb.

To date, more American lives have been lost to drug overdose than in every international war in our nation's history, combined. And a disturbingly large proportion of these deaths are attributable to prescription drug overdose.



The number of American lives that have been lost to opioid overdose is staggering, and these numbers have risen dramatically over the last two decades. SAFERx PHARMACEUTICALS is committed to making a real difference in our nation's battle against the current opioid crisis, and has developed a paradigm-shifting method for enhancing the safety of opioid analgesics expected to save tens of thousands of lives.

Please explore our Our Technology section of the site for information on the nature and magnitude of the modern opioid crisis, the new FDA initiative to develop opioids with abuse-deterrent formulations, and to learn more about the technology behind SAFERx PHARMACEUTICALS' new class of alcohol-resistant opioids.

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